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Dotsero is the town at the base of Colorado's most recently active volcano.  The town is now known for making cinder blocks from the volcanic ashes.  Consistent with this town, the Dotsero is Fire! and built like a cinder block! 

Weather-proof, odor-resistant, and built in Colorado. Keep your pocket ash-free and smell-free. 

The Dotsero - Black bags are made with upcycled vinyl from the Boulder snowshoe manufacturer, Crescent Moon.  If Crescent Moon uses this material to handle the harsh winters in the Rocky Mountains, then you know your stash will have a great home.  

NEW! Teal, Navy and Camouflage versions are now made with our #noskunks activated carbon-lined fabric for discreet and smell-free carrying.


- Made in the USA

- 5" L x 3" W x 1" D

- Nylon (exception: black bags use upcycled Crescent Moon vinyl)

- YKK aqua-guard (water and odor resistant) zipper

- Metal poker

- Poker pocket

- Pocket-sized