15" Beaker or Straight Tube Waterpipe

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Our Beaker and Straight Water Pipe is equipped with a 14mm glass on glass female joint and comes in a variety of coloring. This beaker comes in at a 50x9mm thickness to ensure quality and reliability. Also featuring a sturdy ice pinch and a removable diffused downstem, this water pipe will be perfect for anyone who needs a chugger with smoother and cleaner hits. Presenting the signature Headdies logo available in Blue, Green, Red, White and Gold labels. Not only does this piece qualify for great functionality, but also its aesthetics with the different coloring in labels.

• Thick Glass
• Female 18.8mm diffused downstem
• Diffuser size of 18.8 – 14.5mm
• 14.5mm Male Bowl
• Clear Glass
• Diffused Downstem
• Ground Joint
• Includes Dual-use Bowl
• Beaker Base
• Highest Quality Borosilicate
• Removable Downstem
• Comes in Blue, Green, Red, White & Gold