420 – The Card Game

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  • Includes 420 cards. Plus 12 blanks so you can create your own!
  • Thought up, created and crafted while totally baked.
  • For 3 – 52 players. Entirely customizable gameplay.
  • Made completely in the United States.


“We endorse it” – 420 Science Club

“This game is outrageous!” – Mary Loves Glass

“It’s worth every penny.” –


Stuffed to the brim with inappropriate humour, weed references and hilarious moments, 420 – The Card Game is made for playing with your friends and designed with partaking of the herb in mind. This is THE game to play while you’re baked AF.

This is the first REAL smoking game. It’s fun party card game for you and your friends that has been described as “hella fun” & “outrageous” by other fans.

It’s better with plenty of people! Optimal group size is 3 – 10, but don’t let us hold you back!

The game is simple.
Everyone takes a turn playing an action or a question card on someone.
The person who you play your card on must perform the action/answer the question or refuse it. If they refuse it, you win a point! 
For every point gained or lost, the winner or loser takes a hit.
The actions are borderline objectionable and the questions are stoner-deep. Either way, everybody gets high and has a great time. Which is exactly the point, right?

Game Includes:

  • Kickass Box with Custom Artwork
  • 420 Cards
  • 12 Blank Cards (Write your own questions and actions!)
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Two Box Inserts (To separate the decks)
  • Hours of fun

We wanted to make a game that like-minded individuals could play while under the influence. This game was inspired, designed and created while partaking of the herb, so it was easy to find ideas for things that players would enjoy doing.

Card Examples


  • Sing a song that you hate.
  • Arm wrestle with your left hand. Winner gets a point!
  • Turn off your phone until you earn a point.
  • Social! Everyone takes a hit.


  • What’s the worst thing you’ve ever put inside your body?
  • Tell the story of how you met one of the people in the room.
  • Would you rather have sex with your grandma or a zombie?
  • Tell the most disgusting joke that you know.