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All Natural Hemp Deodorant

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Don’t forget humble deodorant when customizing your lifestyle to maximize the use of holistic products! We offer a variety of all natural deodorants, catering to the special needs of our customers. 


Lemon Verbena:  Our NEW Lemon Verbena scent has a fresh citrus blend to help keep you confident and smelling clean throughout the day without having to re-apply!


Sandalwood Rose:  What could be more alluring than an earthy and rosy scent everywhere you go?  When it comes to all natural deodorants, there are hardly those that can match our blend of Sandalwood rose scent. It is one of the hottest selling products on our site and a self-care essential. It keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day and doesn’t even wear out.  We also offer a stronger version of this deodorant for those people who have body odor issues. As always you won’t find any harsh ingredients or chemicals in any of our blends and strive to deliver you a high quality product. 


Pure Sport Extra-Strength: When you are living a holistic lifestyle then it’s a given that every product you use should be organically sourced and KB Pure Essentials ensures that for you. Our range of deodorants contains the benefits of hemp oil along with pure essential oils and extracts. Our All Natural Hemp Deodorant with a Pure Sport is unscented, yet highly effective! KB Pure Essentials strives to ensure that you get the purest and best product therefore all our products are carefully tested and produced in limited batches.


Cool Melon Extra-Strength:  This melon scented goodness from our range of all natural hemp deodorants is a must have in your cabinet or on your dressing table. A busy schedule and working all day in the heat can cause some serious body odor issues. Our deodorants contain all natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals that darken the underarms over time. This extra strength formula is infused with the scent of melons along with essential oils to make you feeling fresh and smelling awesome all day. This deodorant is ideal for people who have an active lifestyle. It contains our organically sourced hemp oil which we produce in limited batches to ensure high-quality standards.