The Axis 2000

The Axis Rolling Machine

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A highly polished solid brass museum quality machine, designed to be shown on a desk- top or library shelf. Easily rolls perfect cigarettes every time with a recess on one end for the AXIS 2000 Roach Clip, or a filter. Made in the USA to last a lifetime.

Includes Two Highly Polished Solid Brass Nesting Preparation Trays, a small tray for tobacco preparation and a large tray to catch lose tobacco when loading the Rolling Machine. These trays have specially designed corners to allow you to pour your left-over tobacco back into your storage container without spilling.

Both the rolling machine and the large tray have green felt on the bottom to protect your furniture. The rolling machine also comes with an additional web in the event the original web gets damaged.

Your rolling machine also comes with a pack of AXIS Ultra-Thin Slow burning 100% Hemp Rolling Papers. Everything you’ll need to begin rolling your own perfect cigarettes and not make a mess.

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